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The resume or the CV are the tools that have a single purpose, which is getting you interviewed. If your resume does not win you a job interview, it simply does not work. This document is an ad that sells you as a specialist, no more, no less than that. An ideal resume will not just tell the recruiters what your professional life was like before – it does the same thing any great advertisement does – shows what buyers will get: “This is how you benefit from buying what we offer.” It makes the employers believe that you are the best candidate for the position, and you will not only be successful in it but also bring the success to the company.

Some people mistake the resume for a short bio with the description of the work history spiced with a few fancy skills one may or may not have. Yes, the huge part of a resume is usually devoted to the experience in the sphere, as the employers need to know whether they hire a pro or a greenie. However, your main goal while writing should be to persuade the recruiter to give you a call once he or she reads your resume. Keep this tip in mind, and your document will never look the same.

Most of the people create resumes and similar documents because they know they need them to get a job. They treat the writing process like a daunting university assignment they wish was never given. This process becomes a part of a routine to-do list with grocery shopping, dealing with taxes, or doing the laundry. However, if you realize that resume writing is actually your chance of getting a dream job, and approach the writing with enthusiasm and passion, your work will pay off a thousand times.

Studies have shown that an average hirer picks a single resume out of 150-200 submitted. The same studies also claim that employers rather scan resumes than read them. You have about ten seconds to convince the recruiters that you are the person their company has been looking for. Thus, what seems to matter the most is the first impression that the resume makes, as if it is good enough, it makes the employer act – call or email you and invite for an interview. As the screening starts at the top of the resume, the sections placed there will define if you have passed or failed. If you do not grab the attention from the first lines, the readers will toss the resume away, and so should you. Your resume has to be an advertisement, and you need to improve it until it is an effective one. And if you cannot find the job for more than two weeks after sending it to different companies, then it is not.FF

Try to imagine that you are the one who does the hiring. This is not just someone who works with papers all day long and knows nothing about what your job will be all about. Often, the person that decides who to hire works in the same niche, or even leads the project you will join in case you pass. This is someone who really cares about the productivity and quality of the work, and your resume should be aimed at impressing this exact person.

Think what kind of qualities and abilities would the employer like to see in the resume, and what kind of candidate he or she is looking for. Imagine who would you want to see in the position if you were hiring, and be that person.

If you are experienced enough and have been in the sphere for a while, you surely know what the specialists in the field should be like. In case you are not that experienced or are not sure if you do know exactly what the hirer might be looking for, search for the ads for the similar jobs, ask colleagues in the sphere and read the ad for the position you are applying for carefully. You have no right to mistake so do not shoot in the air and do your best to find out what your potential employer wants. The company needs the person who fits in and knows what is expected of him, and no recruiter will consider your resume if there is nothing appealing in there.

It is easy to understand from your resume whether you know what the employer needs. Thus, try to walk in his shoes, and the things you will understand will help you make a working resume that sells what you have. If you want the company to see you as the most suitable candidate, be the one in your resume, and you will be hired.