September 13, 2016

What is the best home for wild animals, zoo or Forest?

Animals are very much like us and have their own habitat, living and their own choices. Change of habitat occurs when wild animals are moved from their natural home to an artificial habitat. This leads a lot of change in life style, food habits, and daily routines of animals. No matter how much the zoo tries to replicate the animal’s habitat and lifestyle, it can rarely make the replica identical to the jungle (Gore, 2006). For the people who visit the zoo, it may be a cakewalk, but there is so much else hidden in eyes of the beasts.

Points to support the stay of animals in zoo:

  • Animals get a caring habitat where they are provided food and nurtured by the zoo authority.
  • There are regular medical tests and vaccinations done in zoo for animals to prevent them from contracting any kind of diseases.
  • Many endangered species can be preserved, taken care of and protected from the hunters.
  • Zoo can help in developing off springs and increasing the population of species that are near to extinction through scientific study and exclusive breeding techniques (Galley, 2004).
  • Zoo can become old age home for wild animals who cannot earn their food in the tough competition in jungle.

Points to protest the stay of animals in zoo:

  • Animals are deprived of their natural habitat and are stopped from climbing high, running fast, hunting, playing and climbing trees, which are among their natural habits.
  • They feel sedentary, lonely and alien in a restricted space, when compared to the vast space in the forest and lose their freedom.
  • Several wild animals fall severely ill because of movement from the forest to the zoo and many times die due to lack of acclimatization (Gore, 2006).
  • The people who visit the zoo tease the animals, feed them wrong food and provoke them, due to which they actually get offended and try to move out of cage and hurt themselves.
  • Some zoo authorities don’t spend the prescribed amount on the health care of animals and this actually makes them prey to several diseases.

Yes, zoo is a second home for animals and can become the life savior of the several sick and old animals, but for those animals that are made for wild life, zoo can be a prison. Hence the zoo authorities should take care about selecting those animals which actually require a shelter rather than moving the wild from the habitat into a zoo for their selfish interests.

One Comment on “What is the best home for wild animals, zoo or Forest?

Gabriel Sanders
September 14, 2016 at 4:47 am

For or against? I think people largely blame themselves. They killed animals for their bones, skin etc… These animals become on the verge of extinction. People started think about it, build zoos, parks, to save animals. Zooz or forest? I don’t know, just stop killing, then try to think clear.


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