April 24, 2017

How to overcome the language barrier and start talking

Today we are faced with such sudden changes in foreign languages spoken language. It is the ultimate goal for anyone who dared to learn a language other than their own. It seems that everyone knows – and learned vocabulary and grammar, so that the teeth fly, but when it comes to conversation, and then a few simple sentences frantically to remember than “I’m a student”, “I prefer to read”, and other things are openings, that when you are in the memory and it is believed to help in a timely manner to keep the conversation going. Of course, that violates these conditions are full. However, do not start talking. Moreover, here is the reason.

Keep in mind foreign words – it is not able to remove them at the right time. If we turn psychology, our memory is divided into implicit and explicit, in other words, conscious and unconscious. The second memory address tested, best – if you want a fact (value) to remember. Do you remember? If you frequently refer to the same “cell”, which contains information on all the stores: The verb forms, bus schedule, the summer solstice, the day that conscience leads them to another part of the store – the unconscious. Time, psychological barriers (language), you can call this function. Implicit memory – a surprise – you cannot run without some effort.

Why, after all, it is so simple, but we have to talk about? The fact that storage under these conditions provides a mechanical memory. The most important thing that teachers answer … and forget? Here, around the brain and carry out this operation as a loyal soldier. They are not influenced by the fact that he still remembers as “Englishwoman”, I said. Are you a student Are you a student? You know that students – the student is that the “cell” memory now two values. Now think about it, but you have everything mechanically. To remember words and build these proposals. Here are the ones that you can tell me, and remember why she was assistant to the memory logic.

If you study the words mechanically, have long been on the mind, but then fall away, because if left out of the basket more eggs fall, make up. Just turn on the cell immediately “bilingual” does not the word – image. In addition, in the case of an application – work. Well, if you really need to get some people or give them your idea to her, which is her last act of the word the term exactly as you need. Sometimes looking in the dictionary, “extraction” word, therefore, remains in the memory for a long period. Moreover, it is likely to make it to the category of the unconscious.

In summary, we repeat: the language barrier – is the fear that haunted all the time you use any other type of memory, with the exception of the unconscious. How to do it?

  1. Stop the fear. As long as you are afraid, “door” in memory are closed.
  2. Use all available means to learn the language. Speaks loudly protest taste. Psyche has been designed so that it is known, is no longer considered to be hostile. Look how it is working at p.1.

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