February 1, 2017

Research paper: 11 tips on how to write it correctly

Academic research work after thorough research and analysis of the results posted. If you fear that qualitative research needs blood, sweat and tears, we offer this guide. If you use outdated tools and techniques you need to spend hours reading relevant documentation and not so relevant, somehow, and having to write and rewrite the work.

On the other hand, you can optimize the process and spend much less effort. The following tips will help you improve your results.


Please clearly indicate the purpose of the study. Yogi Berra, the famous baseball player said, “If you do not know where you are going, then you eventually find yourself in the wrong place.” This statement has a lot in common with the investigation process. If you do not know what that, you might end up looking for interesting learning time, but pass irrelevant facts. First, try to formulate a clear question, do your research. Select a big problem, a brief preliminary research before formulating questions Accurate.

A good research question should be:


For example

Wrong choice: Why is it important to have a healthy diet?

The right question: Is there a connection between a healthy lifestyle and personal effectiveness?


Wrong Choice: Who was the lead author?

The right question: How does Shakespeare using extended monologues in Melville’s “Moby Dick” hit?

Scientific research Submitted

Wrong choice: Why is it father and son?

Questions: What are the consequences of authoritarian parenting on the self-esteem and creativity of the child?

By using the academic search engines if you want to do research online. The following search engine saves time:

  • ISeek Education
  • RefSeek
  • InfoMine
  • Microsoft Academic Search
  • WolframAlpha

If you want to go to the online search, this list of the 100 largest Open Access libraries will help you.

Data management. While you are doing research, it is important to avoid the trap sense of confusion. If you find an item you particularly like, save a reference to it; try another way, you can spend a lot of time trying to find it, think that this is the best resource you can find.

However, with the help of modern data management, you can easily keep all the information, and even understand them and sort it out:

  • Mendeley
  • Qiqqa
  • Endnote base
  • Colwiz

Make a convincing introduction. Draw the reader’s attention with interesting statistics, shocking facts or quotes from famous personalities. Much of the research discussed the importance of a specific study. Try to reach the hearts of the readers play with their fears or selfishness.

Plan the number of words. The general rule is that up to 10 percent of the total number of words on the introduction and conclusion to spend. Therefore, if you know the recommended number of words on the appropriate decisions about how many words can take to be included in other sections.

Consider the application of the articles. The output must be short; this is a summary of the search. It must be written after the completion of the project.

The introduction must be submitted basic information to formulate the importance of research on the subject to indicate, and the fundamental question.

In the review of the literature should be included in the existing views on selected topics.

The methods are special techniques and tools that can be used in the study, and includes a corresponding sample.

Finally, only the results (no comments related).

Discussion of the analysis establishes relationships between the various facts.

Restrictions highlights potential gaps in the structures and procedures of the study.

The conclusion summarizes briefly the main points is the mirror of your input.

Do not forget to focus on the value of your research, and remember the directions for future research.

Take a review of the literature. The collection of sources and only a few words on each of them is the wrong method. Before writing your review of literature, share their resources in groups according to the authors. Make sure that you include contradictory opinions and gaps to highlight in the existing literature. This will make your work completely.

Use cliché for different sections. They forget the unity writing when the list of academic clichés for different parts of academic research works use:


  • In recent years, interest X is increased…;
  • Over the last decade, a sharp increase in X…;
  • Recently X has been carefully examined;
  • Before / in the past, the main target X / was to be mold in…
  • X is an increasingly important area in…;
  • The new computer world has become the central theme of X.

Literature paper:

  • The researchers studied the effect;
  • Published a considerable amount of literature;
  • In the last decades, much more information has become available X;
  • Most of the works studied…;
  • Previous studies have shown that…;
  • Several studies have shown that one finds…

Results and discussion:

  • The results showed that;
  • Among the possible explanations of this phenomenon;
  • The experimental results show that;
  • The most striking finding of the findings was that;
  • These data are consistent with the (counter) results of previous studies.


  • This study showed that;
  • The second important conclusion is;
  • The results of this study demonstrate that;
  • These results can help to better understand the problem;
  • This study makes an important contribution to the.

Citing their resources correctly. Sources, do not use the management style relying, as it is an outdated method, but consider free online generator quoting:

  • Quote machine
  • BibMe
  • CiteFast
  • CiteThisforMe
  • Refme
  • KnightCite

Use your presentation. If you do not progress in your search to make a while, try writing freely. Please space as if you explain your main points of each other. This can improve the flow of ideas for your work, as well as logical arguments.

“Write drunk, change sober.” This quote falsely attributed to Hemingway, but there is no official proof that he never said or wrote. However, it is of great importance. Put your work for a while, then come back to it later with a cool mind and correct mistakes, and grammatical stylistic mistakes.

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