September 12, 2016

Sex Education in Schools

Sex education refers to a segment in education that deals with sexual production, sexual intercourse, sexual anatomy of humans, and other areas related to sexual behaviors of humanity. The aim of sex education is to assist people attain an understanding of sexual developments. In the 20th century, most Europeans and Americans got sexual understanding through observing animals engaging in the act. Considering that sex was a taboo, most societies avoided any topics or discussions surrounding it, until some countries such as England and United States started to publish books regarding it. Although controversies have been surrounding the decision on whether to have sex education in schools, it is important to have it.


Sex education in schools will assist the learners to understand sex impacts. Considering that most school going youths is sexually active, denying them sex education will be unwise. Providing sex education in schools will prevent the youths from learning it from other sources. In schools, it will be possible to enlighten the students on the responsibilities and consequences of sexual behaviors (DiCenso et al. 2002). In the part of girls, they will comprehend that they stand a chance of getting pregnant for engaging in sexual acts. On their part, boys will know that they are likely to impregnate girls.

By offering sex education, it will be easy to enlighten school going children on the risks of having unsafe sex. They will know that unsafe sex will expose them to a risk of contracting sexually transmitted ailments such as HIV/AIDs (Tupper, 2013). Additionally, sex education will go a long way in ensuring that teenage pregnancies are curbed. Students will also know the benefits that come with abstinence if sex education was taught in schools. The tendency of preserving one’s virginity until marriage is good. It is a proof that one did not engage in any sexual behaviors while young.

Conclusively, sex education should be encouraged in schools because it helps learners to understand the effects of sex, and dangers of engaging in an unprotected sex. Besides, it will help in reducing pregnancies among youths and enlighten them on need to preserve their virginity.

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Patricia Young
September 22, 2016 at 2:11 am

Thanks for sharing! I agree with article! Children should know effects and dangers of sex, to not to do mistakes in their lives.


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