September 2, 2016


Bullying is the act of constantly and intentionally intimidating another individual using speech, actions or behaviours. Frequently, bullying occurs through segregation, mockery, and physical irritation (Furlong et al., 2013).Currently, the definition incorporates cyber bullying where mobile phones, social networking site or chat rooms are used to widen gossips and abuse others. As part of the curriculum, children should be trained on how to recognize bullying language and behaviours in themselves and others. Besides, they should be taught positive communication skills. The knowledge would assist the students create a more positive environment where bullying is less likely to occur.


Alternatively, a system should be established for the students to report the cases of bullying and receive instant help. A counsellor and other professionals should meet with the students involved and incorporate their families to create a solution (Slonje, Smith & Frisén, 2013).Besides, there should be class discussions about the motivation and effects of bullying to sensitize the students and promote individual alertness. It should be emphasized that students who are bullied suffer severely. This education can assist the students to make better, more positive choices and to become the schools’ partners in eliminating bullying.

Similarly, experts should train students on skills for handling bullies through role-playing and other ways. Besides, counselling should be available to children who are bullied, for the bullies and for those who assist the bullies (Frisén, Hasselblad, & Holmqvist, 2012).  If need arises, these students should be referred to external therapists for continues assistance. Schools should also have strong consequences for the bullies since it is an offence and illegal. Besides, there should be no lenience for the behaviour. Alternatively, the school should develop extensive events that emphasize the student fraternity on bullying for instance bullying awareness Fridays. Besides, various activities need to be created in each class such as establishing slogans warning against bullying and the students who report bullying need to be rewarded.

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