September 5, 2016

Universities as Training Grounds for Employment

Integration of trained graduates to the professional life lies in the hands of Universities. At the University, students receive skills and attributes enabling them to be productive in the employment sectors. According to Gunn, the characteristics constitute employability. The course design and curriculum development should aim at enacting these skills and attributes needed by the employer. Regular opportunities to develop the employability attributes outside learning are necessary and key to the development. Universities should ensure graduates acquire effective inter-personal skills through linking them with the administrators and employability coordinators (Gunn, 2010).


During the university studies, students should have an opportunity to engage with different strands and at different times to enhance their perceptions and judgments on the relevance of the strands. To mentor graduates to suit the employee requirement, higher learning institutions should locally collaborate with employers to guide the students on their expectations. When the employing companies engage with the universities, they can focus the resources towards the students helping them gain employability traits (Winterbotham, 2007). Well-designed opportunities should aim at reflective practice, encouraging resilience, and helping students get the sense of in-class learning in a range of situations. According to Gunn, the exposure to the job setting assists in absorbing the anxiety while building confidence and rapport.

As an exit into the labour market, the universities purpose is to mold the graduates meet the employer’s needs. Practical training and hands-on experience constitute important factors to this achievement. Work related learning, voluntary, and part-time employment requires incorporation in the syllabus to enhance familiarity with the working environment. The engagement with the universities allows employer to articulate her needs and eliminate the barriers to employment of graduates.

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