April 6, 2017

Valuable advice for graduates designers

One of you graduates Designer? Where? Yes, this article is very useful for his hearing last year. No? In any case, to see, because a lot of advice is useful not only for students, but related topics designer.

If you have nothing to do with the world of design, probably thinking about the project, which means that the beautiful people print in color, art, photography, design, intuitive interface. However, I learned to developer’s student (or even more students) during the first month of school, this type of construction is much more – namely a number of features that help to solve human problems.

We have collected the opinions of experts who are willing to share with the advice of those who have decided to learn this difficult specialization or prepare for a career in this field.


We learn to solve problems

Of course, the ability to create the perfect design, user interface, video, etc. is very important. However, the main reason why people assume – problems with customers to solve, or at least to find solutions to their problems.

Therefore, not only to learn how to make decisions, but also the important reasons for choosing and a little ‘or the company name predict that Uncle Kyle contribute to the improvement.


Planning should help the company. If the model is a mega-super-tasty, but does not solve the problem, it is unnecessary.

Continuous learning

Sphere project is evolving. However, the design itself cannot exist – it really depends on the current knowledge of other tasks. Therefore, to be a great expert, constantly update their knowledge in the field of environmental protection.

Vast horizons, it cannot just good business, but also helps to build a career.

We perform experiments on himself

Here we are not talking about self-mutilation and torture. Figure out who you are and research, always a step out of your comfort zone.

Of course, there is nothing better than sitting in silence and do what you do best. However, who says you are wrong, if you have not tried before?

Sitting in one place, in a comfortable environment, dig a hole. To succeed, we must constantly take risks for something new. To attack, you gain experience and to plant new useful features: courage, determination, calm and under control, even if you do not.

Safety – is good, but … No!

Use work

It may seem rude, loud, and even ugly, but it now appears that a very important point: get rid of bad people to get them! Or rather, it is best to avoid just come to you. Otherwise, all the negatives are in themselves, and finally to eat in your life.

You are free to “their” teams to choose from. Probation and work during the ideals students study not only employers, but also to decide if you feel comfortable in the workplace.

The better the team, the nerve cells lose less. Therefore, there are less sick, bring family problems, etc.

Of course, everything you need, as well as the knowledge and skills to learn specific to the University.

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