January 29, 2017

What is an essay?

The word “essay” means in French “attempt, test. You can also find Latin roots that are important “weigh”. This is the essay – a literary genre, a small quantity of product that is free form. In this article, we will talk extensively about what it represents, essay, but as his writing, read “How to write an essay?”

The essay is purely the work of the author. It reflects personal experiences and feelings on a particular topic. Often the reason to write essays have all the events in the world. However, essayist does not claim to be scientific and expresses only his attitude. For more details, see “Rules Essay”. However, often student does not write an essay on his or her own, and on the teacher’s instructions. While it may be necessary for self-presentation. In such cases, there are us. For little money, the author of your choice to write an essay on the highest score. You can personally discuss all the details, guarantee the desired result. In addition, if despite all the conversations, you have not got – money get you back. We focused on the result only.



In the “Great Encyclopedia” essay is defined as “a genre of philosophical, literary-critical, historical, biographical, journalistic prose, the individual emphasized position of the author of the laid-back combined, often paradoxical statement, referring to the spoken language.”

“Short Literature Encyclopedia,” says: “Essay – a prose work of the small volume and free composition private subject treated and presents an attempt to mediate personal experiences and observations somehow is connected with it.”

Features of genre

  1. The presence of a particular topic or problem
  2. Subjectivity
  3. Small amount
  4. Free composition
  5. Lightness stories
  6. Anomaly
  7. Internal semantic unit
  8. Openness

Essay types

Concerning the content of the essay are:

  • Philosophical,
  • Literary criticism,
  • Historical,
  • Art,
  • Artistic and journalistic,
  • Spiritual, religious and others.

For literary form appear as:

  • Reviews
  • Lyrical miniatures
  • Notes
  • Pages from the diary
  • Letters and so on.

There are also the following types:

  • Descriptive
  • Narrative
  • Reflexive
  • Critical
  • Story Analysis and others.

The founder of the genre is Michel de Montaigne. In 1580, he wrote “experiments” that described how to make the essay. Later in the XVII century English writer, Francis Bacon also began to use this term for their products. In XVIII-XIX century was a great essay genre of philosophic aesthetic controversy in the famous authors. In domestic literature has enjoyed a genre not very popular. Some signs of essay pursues only Radishcheva heart and Dostoyevsky.

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