August 29, 2016

Are zoos necessary for education?

Zoos are enclosed facilities that house world animals or endangered species of animals for purposes of public display, preservation, and scientific study. In the past, zoos were only used for the amusement of man with minimal regard to the welfare of the animals. However, this has drastically changed over the last three decades. Thanks to numerous animal welfare laws enacted, zoos today are not just amusement parks for humans, but also facilities that serve the long-term benefit of animals (Singer, 2006). In fact, they have now assumed multiple roles ranging from education that enhances public awareness to protection, conservation and preservation of habitat. Some are even breeding facilities for endangered species and research centers for scientific purposes. In light of these developments from mere amusement parks to places of preservation, conservation, and scientific research, zoos have become an indispensable part of education.


The advancements in technology and cultural changes imply that humans have the capability to pass conclusive information from one generation to the next. The inherent connection between animals and humans cannot be understated. In this respect, zoos can be an imperative place where such bonds and connections are learned (Frost, 2011). Accordingly, passing this information from one generation to another requires the existence of zoos. Correspondingly, there is no other better way to educate young children about animals and their significance than taking them for a walk in a zoo. Education and knowledge about exotic animals such as lions, hyenas, elephants, monkeys and tigers among others can only be found in a zoo. Similarly, researchers who want to further their knowledge of these and other animals can only visit a zoo for scientific research (Singer, 2006).

In conclusion, zoos are an indispensable part of education, especially with regards to animal study and the inherent connection between humans and animals. Apart from being places of entertainment, zoos have evolved over time to serve various purposes including conservation, preservation and scientific research centers. In this light, zoos are extremely necessary for education.

2 Comments on “Are zoos necessary for education?

Phil Watson
September 6, 2016 at 5:28 pm

Zoos are very necessary for children, they need to learn wild life and wild animals. My son very like going zoo, after that he has fantastic emotions! I very glad about visiting zoos.

Lorena Underwood
September 29, 2016 at 5:34 am

Yeah Phil, you are right. It is necessary for education. I love visiting zoos too. Nice article, thanks!


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